Christian Subculture Lesson

The dishwasher is not yet installed…rather it is sitting in my kitchen in a big box. The guy who came to install it told me that the hot water pipes leading to the old dishwasher are stuck open, so he couldn’t shut the water off. So, now I am waiting on a plumber.

I’ve been thinking about the popular buzz word in the Christian subculture, lately: Relevant. That’s an interesting concept to me. Young Christians are trying to make Jesus and the church relevant to the popular culture. I think that’s what that means.

But I wonder: isn’t Jesus relevant to any culture? I mean, the things that he exemplifies; love, mercy, grace, sacrifice, forgiveness…aren’t those qualities that rise above cultural lines? So, why must we try to make Jesus relevant? It’s like he is our little finger puppet, and we have to make him cool for our friends who don’t know him.

Now, I understand that churches have become irrelevant. But that’s not what I was thinking about. I was thinking about the person of Jesus himself.


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