Well, this whole dishwasher things gets more and more exciting. They came to deliver it on Saturday, but couldn’t install it because the hot water valve was stuck open…so they couldn’t shut the water off to the old dishwasher. So, I had to get a plumber out to the house…which took forever…they said they’d come first thing Monday. I got a call at 4:45pm Monday saying, “Can we come tomorrow morning?” So, noon comes today before they get there. Then, the plumber guy said, “Uh…your plumbing is interesting.” What?! What does that mean?! Seriously, who has interesting plumbing?

Anyway, he has to replace our entire under-sink plumbing…complete with 2 shut-off valves, hot and cold water lines, and a new trap…good thing I am a minister and making a lot of money.

Oh, well.

I must be pretty insensitive. There is a nice old lady in our church who is dying today. And all I can do is gripe about the money I have to spend on plumbing. I suck.


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