Poetry Honors

Faithful blog readers,

A few months ago, a poem of mine about my daughter Jerah was published at www.infuzemag.com

Anyway, my poem was selected as one of 20 finalists for Infuze Magazine: The Best of 2005 Short Stories and Poems. They will publish my poem in the book if I receive enough votes.

Here is the poem:

You Take In

Curiosity swims alongside you in your ocean of blankets
New eyes, new girl
New colors and sounds in the new world
You Take In

You Take In
The best part of me and the best part of her
And puzzle them together slowly for a season
A reason, a newborn life
There is no comprehension for you or for me
Our years differ by many
And I should understand more of what you see
But to both of us we see plenty
Of scary, real, God
You Take In
And I Take In

We cry and laugh in the same breath
You and me
Helpless, needy
Under the soil of this garden, your arms and legs flail in the depth
Rich with color, with wonder
And We Take In

Copyright 2005 Brandon Smith.

(To read it on the infuze site, you need a login. This way you can read it and not give out your email addresses.)

And please, please, please vote for my poem here. I am at the bottom of the poll list…

Thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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