My First Post of 2006

As I often do when I allowed time to interrupt my posts, I like to put out there for you all to read a collection of thoughts and events over the last few weeks:

  • Christmas was nice. My kids are adorable and we had so much fun watching them.
  • This was my first Christmas as a “Senior” Minister (whatever that means!) and it also happened to be the first time Christmas Day had fallen on a Sunday in many moons. Very stressful time for me…I can’t remember such a busy holiday season before.
  • Keri and I went to bed at 11:30pm on New Year’s Eve. Isn’t that hilarious? It would be one thing if we went to be at 10pm or 9pm…but 11:30pm?? We might as well just have stayed up til midnight.
  • A website I have developed called is up and live as of December 20something. There isn’t a ton of content up yet, but I am excited about it. More on this later.
  • My anniversary and my birthday both are coming up.
  • I got a new part-time job. I start Thursday working at Carlson Hotels “Worldwide Reservation Center.” When you call Carlson Hotels and wanna book a room…you may get to talk to me. I am pretty excited about it for a number of reason. Benefits, 401(k), new people, casual environment, and cheap hotel rooms and discounts at great restaurants, like TGIFriday’s.

Happy 2006. I will resolve to post again soon.


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