My wife and kiddos have been out of town for the last week. I have used this opportunity to go to a couple of Omaha Royals baseball games. Normally, I would love it if Keri came with me, but that’s pretty hard to do with the kiddos. So, since they were gone, I attended an evening game Saturday night and an afternoon game Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect…70+, sunny, cool breeze. It was great. I love baseball.

Things all in all have been fine. I’m glad spring is here and am ready for the slower summer months. We had an enjoyable Easter holiday.

I was thinking about what would be a fun, part-time, work from home job: a travel agent. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Another post coming in the next few days…I promise.


4 thoughts on “Mmm…baseball.

  1. hey man. Good to see you’re still kickin’! Congratulations on what will be the newest addition to your family! I’ll be praying for you guys! I graduate on Friday and then I’m outta here…so we’ll have to get coffee up in your neck o’ the woods soon. Have a great week, man!

  2. Brandon Smith-
    I’m very diappointed that I had to hear about the new baby from someone other than you! 😉 Congrats! Love you!

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