Mish Mash

Here is a random update of life at the Smith’s.

My mom came into town last week and helped us with some gardening. We completely re-did our front flower bed and now it looks amazing. I just finished edging it with stone. I’ll post a picture soon.

In two weeks, we will be out of town for a vacation. I can hardly wait.

Our VBS starts next Sunday night.

I got really sick a few weeks ago. Lost my voice and had a nasty cough for a couple weeks.

I just ordered Andrew Peterson’s complete CD collection. I had several of them, but they have been lost, borrowed, or stolen. I can’t wait for it to come.

Speaking of music, I got some other new CDs. Paul Simon’s new one. Jars of Clay’s ‘Redemption Songs.’ Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace.’ And the soundtrack to the movie ‘Curious George’ written by one of my favorite artists right now–Jack Johnson.

Keri is 14 weeks pregnant. Baby Day is drawing closer and closer.

Eden and Jerah are hilarious.

Eden loves convertable cars. She says, “That car doesn’t have a lid.” The other day she winked and me and said, “I’m being an owl. But God didn’t make me this way. He made me a little girl.”

Jerah is taking her clothes off while she is in bed (instead of sleeping) and then she’ll take her diaper off…and then she will pee all over the place. The other night, Keri and I tag-teamed her with a diaper and she didn’t even wake up.

I apologize I don’t write more. I, someday, will blog faithfully.


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