I am a Family Man…

Keri and the girls have been gone from me for a week and will be gone for another week. It’s hard. She went to Katy’s wedding last weekend and her family reunion is this weekend…and then she gets to see a St. Louis Cardinals game the following Wednesday. She is having a nice time.

When they first got there, Eden came down with a 103-104 degree temperature and had it for three or four days. Tonsilitis. And an ear infection. Poor girl. It broke my heart…I felt very helpless and unsure of what to do.

It has struck me this last week how much I feel as though I truly am a family man. Aside from being known as a man who loves Jesus, I hope I am known as a man who loves his wife and kids. I miss them terribly and would lay down anything for them.

One of my favorite songs by Andrew Peterson has a great line. He is talking about Jesus and Jesus’ love as compared to his own…he says:

“All of my life, I’ve held on to this fear,
That these thistles and vines ensnare and entwine what flowers appear…
It’s the fear that I’ll fall, one too many times
It’s the fear that His love is no better than mine…
But he tells me that just as I am, just as I was,
Just as I will be, He loves me He does.”

I see this love in my family too. I have this fear that my love for them is not a perfect love. That they love me more than I love them. And that’s a sinking feeling that I hate. I know it’s not true. But it makes my soul droop when I think of how I have failed them.

Anyway, I miss them. Can you tell?


One thought on “I am a Family Man…

  1. Hey buddy…hang in there. I hope you’re doin’ alright up in Omaha. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be off of work for the rest of the year (2 weeks after that, school starts). I want to catch up with ya sometime in those two weeks if it fits in with your schedule…it’s been awhile! Have a great Friday…peace.–>

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