Sunday is Coming…

This has been one of those weeks. I finished up a six week sermon series last weekend. I start a new three week series next weekend. That leaves this Sunday stuck in the middle all alone.

And that always means, at least for me, that I have a hard time deciding what to preach about. And this week’s difficulties have been compounded by an extraordinarily busy week. I have met with several people…multiple folks from the church each day this week. And I was scheduled to work 6 days in a row at my “part-time” job this week. Translation: 30 hours. Yuck.

So, it’s Friday night and I have finally have some thoughts on paper. I will preach this Sunday about “Disappointment with God.” It’s nice to finally have an idea and some direction from Him about what to say. I’m hoping to hack it all out tonight and be able to not have to work (so much) tomorrow.


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