The Power of Money

Turn your eyes, you non-parents who have never potty-trained. You have been warned.

Both our girls are potty-training. Jerah, the youngest, is cruising right along. Eden was a little more reluctant. We had tried various motivational methods for Eden. Giving her stickers when she pottied. Giving her books to read as a reward.

Finally, I had an idea.

“Let’s give her money when she potties” I tell my wife.

So, every time Eden went to the potty, she got 5 pennies. Not much money, but 5 pennies to her is a whole lot more than 1 quarter. Well, she went for the first time, got pennies.

Then she went again, got 5 more. Then again. And again.

Saturday and Sunday, she had only two accidents. Other than that, she has pottied everytime. And gotten 5 pennies everytime. Her piggy bank is getting full and we are out of pennies in our house.

Ahhh…behold the power of money.


One thought on “The Power of Money

  1. Our daughter did really well, but we had to use candy for our middle son. Our younger son is about to start, so we’ll see how that one goes. Then we’ll have one more (won’t be born til November) to go. Parenting is such an adventure… it’s funny how each kid can be so alike and different at the same time.

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