Blockbuster Online

Recently, we subscribed to Blockbuster Online. It’s like Netflix, except in my opinion, better. Better for us. Maybe not better for everyone.

We pay a small monthly fee and then rent as many movies online as we can watch. We subscribe to the cheapest plan, we means we can only have one movie out at a time. We get it in the mail. Watch it. Send it back. They receive it and send us another from our list.

With Blockbuster you also receive free “in-store” rental coupons. So, in addition to the movies we receive online, we also can get some at our local rental store. It’s great, because we have one just down the street from us.

Last night, we watched “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Coming up next is “Batman Begins.” We have also seen “Fever Pitch,” “Firewall,” “Fight Club,” and a few others we got in-store that I have forgotten about.

It’s fun. Especially for us parents who haven’t seen a movie in the theater since we had our first child. We are finally getting to see some of these films the rest of you saw 3 years ago.


4 thoughts on “Blockbuster Online

  1. Hey Brandon! My brother has the blockbuster deal and they seem to like it too. I went to Blockbuster two days ago to find Fight Club but it was out…I’ve heard it’s a thinkin’ movie…did you guys like it? Anyway, I’m just chillin’ in Lincoln and free to hang whenever you can…give me a call…have a good week! Peace

  2. Keri didn’t watch Fight Club with me…not really her type of movie. I liked it, and it does make you think. I only watched it once. If I had watched another time, I think I may have gotten more out of it.

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