The Week So Far

Keri did lots of her cooking today. She made about 18 meals in 6 hours. You can do the math…it seems like 6 hours is a lot. And it is–for one day. But over the course of the next 18 days, it’s totally worth it. She is taking the day off tomorrow and will finish everything on Saturday. She’s amazing. And brilliant. This little set up is going to save us a FORTUNE in grocery money. She bought everything–everything–she needed at one of two places: 1) Sam’s Club, at wholesale prices and 2) Aldi’s, at almost wholesale. She has more or less purchased and made food for 6-8 weeks on 4 weeks budget.

In other news, my kids won’t go to sleep at night. They recently moved into the same room and simply won’t settle down and sleep. Every night, for the last three weeks, has been all out battle with them. We take away books, we take away music, we even take away the prized stuffed animals (has anyone even seen Eden without Bear or Jerah without Froggy?) and nothing works. Anyone have any brilliant ideas to make bedtime easier? For the kids or for Keri and I?

I’m hoping to go to a conference for smaller churches on Saturday. It’s a nice idea…yet, it’s on Saturday, which is the prime “get everything ready for Sunday” day for us smaller church ministers. Hopefully I will make it there.


One thought on “The Week So Far

  1. Brandon, We had the same sort of problem with Emma (at bedtime) and tried the same sort of things–taking away favorite toys, taking away priveledges the next day–and all to no avail. I talked to a friend about it and here is what she did: She does the normal bedtime routine (stories, etc.) and then leaves the lights on and tells her kids they can play until they are tired. Kids go to sleep (sometimes hours later) and learn to go to sleep when they are tired. We adapted it some to our house, since Emma has to be ready for pre-school, baby-sitter most mornings: We put her to bed, then tell her she can play until we say to stop (usually about an hour). Then we help her clean up whatever she got out, turn out the light, and she goes to sleep. This saves us a lot of headache (she only comes out to bother us a couple of times during the hour of playtime) and she feels like she is in control of her bedtime. (Which is important, since kids are only in control of 3 things: eating, using the bathroom and sleeping). If you do try this, tell me what happens. I hope it works for you, or that you find an equally efficient solution.

    Aaah, parenting.

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