A New Plan

Hello friends, if there are any of you still out there…

I have been busy. New baby. Busy Christmas season. I am getting ready to leave on a nice vacation this weekend.

But, I did want to stop by and tell you that I have some big plans for this blog that I am hoping to unveil after the first of the year. Don’t get your hopes up too much…it will still be a blog after all…I just hope that it becomes a blog with a purpose. I plan on fully immersing myself in the blogging community.

Stay tuned.

And one more thing: if you are reading this, could you post a comment so I know there is at least someone out there who is still around. Thanks.


14 thoughts on “A New Plan

  1. I check in once in a while, too, though I will admit… I’ve not been in touch as well as I could. I’ll be in Omaha this coming weekend for CIY Discipleship. If you’re there, we should get together for a bit.

  2. I check in on you from time to time as well….thx again for letting Nikki and I crash on your visit with your Mom and Dad. WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!
    Love Ya.

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