29 and Holding

Today I turn 29 years old. That’s only one year away from 30. I beg the pardon from all my “older” readers out there, but I have always viewed 30 as a milestone I won’t be all that excited to hit.

I am glad my wife turns 30 before I do.

However, in reflecting today, I have accomplished much by age 29. When I was younger, I had hoped to be famous, or at least influential as I grew older. I had hoped to make a little bit of money doing something I loved. I had hoped to help people.

And I have done some of those things. (I am a minister, no getting rich in this profession.) But I have helped some people and influenced some.

But I think what I am most proud about is my family. When you are 18 years old, you don’t think much about having a wife and kids and a family life when you hit 30. But that is what I have…and of all the “things” I’ve been able to do, I am most happy and most humbled to have my family.

Today I will celebrate by going to job #2. (For those of you who are new to this blog, “job #2” is the way I designate my part-time, “help-make-ends-meet” job. I take hotel reservations.) And then I think I will take in a Creighton basketball game. And then I will probably work some more, this time on a sermon.


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