For Kids and Adults

We are having an interesting discussion in one of my other posts about the multi-generational aspect of churches. Or, the lack thereof. Only recently, as in the last 100 years or so, have churches began to really emphasize splitting the church family up into age-appropriate groups. There are pros and cons to doing this.

One of the pros is that people can learn from other people in their same situations. For example, a young couple who just got married but has no children yet can sit with others like them and talk about their lives and what they are going through. Those who are middle-aged and single can do the same with other middle-aged single people. Children who are 3 years old can learn with other children who are 3 years old from teachers who are prepared to teach 3 year olds.

But, we also lose something special when we split everybody up. Older couples can teach younger couples a lot of wisdom about life and marriage and sex and whatever. The 14 year old girl can learn a lot from the 44 year old lady who has experienced more life. The 4 year old boy can witness and participate in church with adults…and see how the experience God.

I heard of a church called Southwest Family Fellowship. They offer a service called “Buzz” which is an interactive service designed to be experienced by kids and adults together. Basically, from what I can see from their website and from this post on, it’s a 30 minute worship service to be experienced by both kids and adults alike before the kids head off to “Junior Church” and the adults head off to “Grown-up Church.”


4 thoughts on “For Kids and Adults

  1. I liked your article very much…Most churches split the family during the service. But I believe God’s does not intend us to do that….Or else the Children would not be drawn to Jesus when he spoke to all age groups.
    But..soem questions keep lurking in my mind…Here is one extreme case..
    How do you explain the 7th commandment – “Do Not Commit Adultery” to a 3 year old ?

  2. Elizabeth–

    Thanks for your comment. And I agree…there are definitely some tough issues that would be hard for young children to understand. That’s why I like the idea I mentioned in the article…about the worship service designed for parents and kids together. That way there is time built in for the family…but also age-specific times that would be also age-appropriate.

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