Again, He Provides

Last week, I posted about our son, Simeon, doing some physical therapy and my concern with the cost of said physical therapy. At the prompting of Kelly and Rindy, we checked into a state program to help cover the cost. Thanks, friends.

And, sure enough, we qualify. Now, Simeon will have the PT multiple times a week, instead of just once per month. Now, the therapists will come to our home, instead of us taking him to the hospital. Now, it’s free, instead of each time costing $250.

God is good.


8 thoughts on “Again, He Provides

  1. YESS!

    It’s terrific the way God designed the body of Christ to work together, isn’t it?!
    SO thankful for and with you!

    It’s like the right hand reaches over and comforts the left elbow — only it’s Christians scattered across the country.

    Amen~!! 😀


  2. Phil,

    I’m amazed too…and amazed, through this blog and others, at the way Christians can and are connecting. To minister to each other, encourage each other, sharpen each other…

    It’s amazing…and much more than I have been prepared for over the course of the last month of serious blogging.

    Isn’t the Church beautiful?

  3. Brandon,
    That is great news! I am so glad things worked out! You had asked how things were going for us–in brief, we have been living out in the Denver area for about a year and a half, now. Lucas went back to graduate school at CU Boulder, and I work as a speech therapist with birth to 5 year olds. Lucas is getting ready to graduate and is applying for jobs all over, so come May, we may be moving again! As a side note, my parents live in Omaha, so we do visit there at least a couple times a year. In all, things are well with us. So happy for your good news!

  4. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks again. And thanks for the update. You guys in Denver have had a crazy winter. I hope you are staying warm and fairly snow free right now. Omaha hasn’t had as much as Denver, but we have had our fair share. Even snowed a couple inches today.

    Next time you’re in Omaha, let us know.

  5. You just made my night!! I am so excited that the PT is going to work out. If you have any questions…feel free to pick my brain. Sometimes just bouncing things off of others brings it all together! So cool!!! God is good…..

  6. Rindy,

    Thanks again for your suggestion…and encouragement. I think the PT is scheduled to start the first part of next week. If we have questions arise, I’ll make sure you are aware of them!


  7. Hey Rindy,

    We had one PT appointment…and are having a hard time, between busyness and sickness getting the next ones scheduled. Now, they may be saying we DON’T qualify for the free stuff, so we are waiting on that.

    Thanks for checking in though…I’ve been fairly distant over the last week.

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