Heaven is Better than Omaha

Sorry for the few days that have passed since I’ve last posted. Busyness, combined with not feeling real well, has led to silence on the blog. But no more! In fact, you may get too much of me over the next few days, as Omaha is expecting to get a lot of snow and ice and winds in a blizzard that is rolling through tonight. I’m writing a sermon, but wonder if church will even meet tomorrow.

Speaking of Omaha, here is a conversation I had with my girls a few days ago:

Jerah: “What color is heaven, daddy?”
Me: “Well, heaven is a lot of colors.”
Eden: “Like green?”
Me: “Yeah, there will be green there. And yellow. And white.”
Jerah: “And blue.”
Me: “Yep, blue.”
Eden: “What will we do there?”
Me: “Well, we will sing songs to Jesus and see God. And we will never hurt or cry or fight again.”
Eden: “That is where we go when we die.”
Me: “Yeah, that’s right. But, you aren’t really dead there. You’re alive now, you die, and then you come back to life in heaven. So, you are really alive in heaven.”
Eden: “So, after we go to heaven, do we come back to Omaha?”
Me: “No, hunny. Heaven is better than Omaha.”


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