The Blizzard of 2007

Yesterday, we got slammed.

I had the chance to teach a bunch of college students at Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Nebraska on Wednesday night. I knew there was a storm coming, but I took my chances with the 50 minute drive. I left Lincoln about 11:30pm…it was ominous outside and you could feel that something was brewing in the clouds.

I made it home OK. I went to bed, as I had to be get up early and be at Job #2 by 6:15am. It was cold, there was a bit of snow on the ground, no big deal.

When I left at 11:15am, there was about 10″ of snow on the ground, winds of 45mph, and a snow drift that went all the way up one side of my vehicle. The drift had literally filled the space between my car and the next car over. It was treacherous, but I made it home.

When it was all said and done, we got about 13″ of snow and lots of wind and lots of car accidents and lots of closed schools and businesses.

Pictures forthcoming.


2 thoughts on “The Blizzard of 2007

  1. We had the rain end of that storm. There was one time when I thought the school was going to blow off. I was sitting there at a meeting. I was about to stand and ask the speaker if we should hide. It only lasted about 10 mins. but swore that it might be a twister.

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