Why I Have Been MIA


Sorry for so few blog entries in these last days. There is a good reason.

We are moving! I have accepted a new position at Christian Campus House at Northwest Missouri State University. I will be their campus minister.

As most of you know who read this, I have a great passion for campus ministry. This is a pretty exciting move for us. Needless to say, we have been quite busy since finding out, thus, fewer blog entries. Stick with me, though…I plan on documenting our final days here, our move to Maryville, Missouri, and our days at CCH.

So far, we have:

  • Submitted our resignation at our church.
  • Met with our Realtor.
  • Packed several boxes.
  • Grouted the kitchen counter.
  • Cleaned lots of things.
  • And we have so much more to do!

Thanks for praying for us!


14 thoughts on “Why I Have Been MIA

  1. Congratulations, Brandon and family!

    I checked the website for CCH – looks like you’ll be busy!
    We’ll help you pray for specifics as you keep us posted. Can’t wait to hear what God’s about to do through you all!


  2. Is there a connection with CCH and Lance Temarius … maybe he’s at a different campus … or the same campus… ?

  3. Hi John,

    Lance is the campus minister at the CCH at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

    Different campus…and the campus ministries are independent of each other…but same type of ministry.

  4. Cool…Lance will be down here on his second trip … week after next. He is a very dedicated servant….as I’m sure you are!

  5. Oh snap, I guess we will need to do coffee real soon. Congrats bro that is awesome. We will continue to pray for you and your family as a new chapter of ministry begins.

  6. I congratulate you on your new position. I just wonder, if you loved your church so much as you stated in your previous blog, why have you chosen to leave? Your blogs have been so encouraging for ministers of small congregations, encouraging them in bi-vocation, in overcoming the obstacle of ministering to a small church on a small salary, yet you are leaving your congregation. I do not mean to sound judgemental, I just find it interesting after your previous blogs and was wondering what brought you to your decision. I wish you and your family the best, and my prayers are with you and your new ministry as well as your soon to be former congregation. I’m sure they will need it at this time.

  7. Congrats, Brandon…..I can’t help but be reminded of the impact you had on my life in our campus ministry. Blessings on you and Keri and the kiddos during this transition and all that surrounds it…..

    OH…and I know of this great place where you should bring your family this summer for a vacation/retreat…. our NLR Family Camp!!! 🙂 🙂 shoot me an e-mail for more details….. you guys would LOVE it….

  8. oh my goodness! i am so excited for you guys! i am also excited for myself because you will be so much closer to me!!!!! my cousin goes to northwest and will be so stoked that you are coming there! congrats! love you guys!

  9. B. Louis,

    Thanks for stopping by and posting. It sounds like you have been lurking for awhile…it’s nice to “meet” and hear from the folks who read.

    I do love the church I am leaving. I’m leaving for no negative reasons at all. I’m not leaving because of a person or a problem or a situation or anything bad at all.

    I’m leaving because I love campus ministry.

    It’s actually a great position to be in…I’m not being run out or fired. I’m not leaving because I had some moral failure. I’m not leaving for another church. I’m simply leaving because God has opened the door up for me to do something that I love.

    And I do appreciate your prayers.

    I want to make one more note: I don’t think my leaving invalidates any of my previous posts about bi-vocational ministry or what it is like to be young and a minister. I don’t think it invalidates any of my thoughts on serving a small church. Instead, I continue to pray that my thoughts and ideas still encourage others. I hope now to continue that journey in campus ministry…to spark thoughts and ideas in the college campus culture.

    I hope this answers some of your questions! Again, thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts…I love the conversation that occurs here.

  10. Rindy…

    Thanks for your encouragement.


    Thanks also for yours. I know that you understand my love for campus ministry! And thanks for the invite to NLR. Our trip to NLR was the first mission trip Keri and I took together…just married 2 months!


    I hope our paths cross soon. I think about you often. Which cousin goes to NW?

  11. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that your leaving your church invalidated your previous posts; I had simply hoped to encourage dialogue and pick your brain. I’m sure a lot of thought went into your decision to leave your church, and I felt that it might be of good understanding to those in small church settings. I had hoped it would also lead to dialogue on wht you saw for the future of your small congregation, and the changes they would need to make. It may help those trying to make a small congregation survive and grow.

  12. B. Louis–

    Sorry for the delay in my response.

    I am going to give some thought to the things you have mentioned; specifically what changes I think the church could benefit from making.

    As far as my decision to go: to make it a short story, I decided to go because I love campus ministry. I found Christ in campus ministry, I have done campus ministry in the past, and I am passionate about it. My deciding to go was a chance for me to accept a position doing what I really love.

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