As We Go; as of March 21

I hope to keep you all posted as we make this transition to Maryville, MO. Here is what has happened in the last few days.

On Tuesday, I notified our leadership team that I would be leaving.

On Sunday morning, I informed the church. Folks seemed to be taking it well enough, considering most were blindsided by the news. People have been supportive. Some are upset at me and some are downright mad. I think with time, people will understand.

This week we have been cleaning and repairing our house. Tonight has been the most productive we have had; you can’t tell, but I am righting this at 1:15am. Just now getting to bed. This evening alone we:

  • grouted the shower
  • caulked the shower
  • touched up paint all over the interior of the house
  • put some Old English on all the woodwork

Keri has been awesome these last few weeks. She has cleaned/packed/moved something (and a lot of days, multiple somethings) everyday for the last few weeks. And she still manages to take care of the kids and fix something to eat each night. She is amazing.

Tomorrow’s big project is to clean all the carpets. And then, it’s just a few more small things and we are good to go. We have an appointment with our REALTOR on Friday afternoon, so that is the deadline.

I’m signing off for some sleep.


3 thoughts on “As We Go; as of March 21

  1. I can imagine that this will be a very difficult transition for your church, especially if this is so unexpected. I am sure there are many who care deeply for your family and who will support you. I am sure that was the hardest message to deliver to your congregation, and the hardest for them to accept, but it will pass. Everyone goes through various stages before we accept what is the hardest to bear. You will need to remind them why you are doing this and reassure them that it has nothing to do with them personally. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your congregation.

  2. I am going to play the cynical here and say they act hurt but sometimes I wonder. A few might be hurt but many see the minister as an outsider and the hired hand so him going is like a share cropper moving on after harvest time. I have seen ministers pour their hearts into churches and sure on the exterior they seem to love him but when the chips are down he is not family, long standing leadership, or long time friends of the church. So no matter how much they “love” him he will always be a guy on the payroll.

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