Calling for Funerals

As I look at the top posts and search engine results at, what I find is that ministers are looking to this site for help as they prepare funeral messages for their church.

So, I’m asking you for help.

If you are a minister, and you have some funeral messages that you have used in the past, would you be a dear and send them this way? I’d like to post them (and give you whatever credit you desire) and then allow visitors to this site to access them as they prepare to minister to the families of their deceased.


Obviously, if I post the funeral message here, I will take out any names of the deceased or any names of anyone mentioned in the message. What is posted here will be completely anonymous.


Post a comment and say something like “I have some!” and I will email you.

Together, we can make a difference.


2 thoughts on “Calling for Funerals

  1. I have some, Brandon.

    It might take me a bit of time to find them in my files or archives, but two come to mind that might be useful in particular, there may be two or three more. Are you looking for anything in particular based on the search results you see?

    I was at a loss when I had the funeral for a child born stillborn. When Cystic Fibrosis took a young husband. When a mom of two teenage boys died suddenly at home, at the very moment I was thanking the church family for being careful all week, the others on staff having been gone for the week!

    If God can re-use what He gave me in those instances by having someone adapt a portion of them to their own setting, He’ll receive still more glory.


  2. Phil,

    I appreciate you, man. Whatever you can send will be much appreciated. And, as I stated, we will remove names and what not to keep things anonymous.

    Like you…when I did my first funeral, I literally had NO IDEA what to say. Thus, this idea. Whatever we can put together to help people…even just get ideas…is what I’d love to do.

    And, as you have said…He gets all the glory!

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