Processing Change

I have made a simple observation over the last few months:

People need to process significant changes in their lives.

For example: there is a young couple that I know who is dealing with a serious health problem. In fact, the young lady was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 6 weeks ago. In talking with her today, though, she said she has just pulled out of her funk.

I am getting ready to leave the church I am at right now for a campus ministry in Missouri. Several people in the church were quite hurt by my decision; some downright mad. But, I’ve noticed, that those relationship tensions have eased quite a bit and people are becoming even supportive of this change.

Even in our own life, when changes have come up, it’s as though we have to take extra time and energy to work through it all. Sometimes I feel like we are computers running too many programs. When that happens, everything runs a bit slower. Everything processes at a different speed for awhile. But, once the processing is complete, normal function resumes. Thus it is in life.

I notice this even in the life of the disciples of Christ in the Bible. It took them some time to get used to the idea that Jesus had indeed died and rose again and ascended. It’s as though they had to process this change and the implications thereof.

The way I see it, we have three options when it comes to drastic change in life.

1. We can accept it too quickly–and never deal with the emotions or frustrations or other human responses we may have to a change that upsets our patterns. This is unhealthy.

2. We can never accept the change–and through a lifelong pity party. This is also unhealthy.

3. We can take the appropriate time to process the change and hopefully learn something about ourselves along the way. This seems to be the best option.

++End Stream of Conscience++


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