Sue Your Pants Off

Here is a story about a man who is suing his dry-cleaner for $67 million. The reason? The dry cleaner lost his pants. And it has caused him mental anguish and discomfort.

Sometimes my coffee at the restaurant isn’t hot enough for me. It tastes bad.
Sometimes I have to wait a few minutes in the drive-thru line and my butt starts to go numb.
Sometimes the expiration date on my ranch salad dressing I get at the grocery store comes up to quickly and I can’t eat it all in time.
Sometimes a little old lady drives too slowly in front of me on the interstate.

I think I’ll go sue someone. For millions and millions of dollars.

And, what’s even more bizarre is that the man suing: is a judge.


5 thoughts on “Sue Your Pants Off

  1. Hey, this blog post wasn’t funny or interesting enough for me, I was expecting great things out of it, and it was just so-so.

    You can expect a call from my lawyer!

  2. Forget you both I am sueing you for not getting along b/c I want my world to be happy and full of joy!

    In our world were right means so little and the views of morals are ruined what can we expect. One the moral code is damaged then what is wrong is not longer wrong.

    I mean I have been listening to students for weeks talk about how CHO at Virginia Tech was not evil. They said they couldn’t rightly call him evil. If we can’t out the works of a man who kills 33 then what is evil?

  3. Evil…your shoes not matching your outfit…now that sounds like a lawsuit to me. Oversized women in tank tops, that causes mental distress, I could claim I can never shop at Wal-mart again…

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