Happy Birthday! And Other Thoughts.

Today is Eden’s birthday. She is my firstborn and she turns 4 today. This evening, we went to The Amazing Pizza Machine and got our fill of slushees, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and skee-ball. We had a blast. Then it was home for cupcakes and presents.

It’s amazing to me. My oldest is 4 and my youngest is already 6 months old.

I have an amazing family. I am a blessed man.

In other news, we have lowered the listing price for our home. When we first put our house on the market, we were setting the pace; we had the best house at the best price. Since then (about 40 days), only 2 houses have come off the market and 5 more have come on. The 5 that have come on set their prices similar to ours, but their houses are much nicer. So, to stay ahead of the market, we lowered.

I hope this thing sells soon. Keep praying.


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