When Do You Start Your Day?

I have just finished reading a book entitled “Samson and the Pirate Monks” by Nate Larkin. It really is a great read; sort of a spiritual memoir of a pastor and his struggles with sin and bondage and his attempts at creating freedom from these sins. He found community in 12-Step groups, like AA. And from what he learned in those 12-Step groups, gathered a band of Christian brothers around him and created the Samson Society. Read it.

One thing that struck me in the book was when Larkin was confessing to his “Silas” (like a mentor in AA) that he was having a hard time getting up early in the morning for prayer and Bible study and meditation. His Silas mentioned that Larkin should consider starting his day in the evening, like Jewish folks do. Here is a quote:

“He advised me to take some time each night to review the lessons of the previous twenty-four hours and prepare for the morning ahead, doing practical things like setting out the tools and clothes necessary for a good start…he counseled me to approach bedtime with gratitude, surrendering my cares to God in prayer and asking him, just before slipping into sleep, to meet me in the morning. Then, upon awakening, I should resume my conversation with God, thanking him immediately for the morning’s new mercies and asking him for a continued sense of his presence as I set out on my new routine.” (pg. 145)

I love this idea. And have noticed that when I end my day by beginning it, I awake refreshed and ready to hit it head-on. Smart people have said “begin with the end in mind.” I can see this idea play out when you go to sleep not to end your day, but to begin it.



2 thoughts on “When Do You Start Your Day?

  1. For several years now we have been doing “P.O.G.os” with our kids every night after we pray. It is one part of our day we don’t miss. That is when our kids have to come up with 2 Positive Or GOod things about the day. It is amazing the difference in their attitudes.

  2. I find it very hard to do any kind of devo and prayer. I know its bad for a minister to say that but I think a leadership journal survey said 80% of ministers do have this problem. I hate it. I get so distracted.

    Now I know Brandon and Cycical know what I mean since they have had moves and job changes.

    I know its a matter of saying I am going to do it no matter what, but I still fail.

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