As We Go; as of May 31

Sorry I have been so silent here in the blogosphere. Things, as you can imagine, have been busy.

Last weekend, for Memorial Day, I got to go to St. Louis and spend the weekend with my family. It was a treat. Today, I am heading from Maryville to Omaha for the night…just to mow the lawn, check up on the house, do some laundry, and make sure things are in order. Then, it’s back to Maryville tomorrow. And then, I head off to a week of church camp with a bunch of Freshmen in high school. I can’t wait. Needless to say, I will be quite silent for another week. When I return, I will post more. Promise.

For those of you who pray, please lift up the sale of our house to the Lord. To be quite honest, I am feeling anxious about it. We had a flurry of activity 2 weeks ago and have had absolutely no activity this last week. Time is not on our side. The longer it takes for our house to sell, the longer I have to be away from my family. The longer I have to live out of a suitcase in my office. The longer I have to go back and forth between three different cities. The longer I have to be “in transition.”

I’d like for things to be in order by the time the fall semester starts in August. I’d like to have our house sold and have a new one bought and have our stuff moved and fairly settled. But the days keep slipping away, and hard decisions about what to do may come.

Thanks for listening to me rant. I appreciate all of you. I’ll have fun this week of camp and think about this blog often…will be very excited to write on her when I return!



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