Top Posts of May

Here are the top 5 posts from the month of May, in reverse order:

5) What Does Jesus Look Like? — 49 hits

4)–Funeral Based on Psalm 23 — 84 hits

3) The Ten Commandments Sermon Series: Commandment #5 — 101 hits

2)–Committal Service #1 — 147 hits

1) How Do You Choose Which Translation? — 493 hits


3 thoughts on “Top Posts of May

  1. i know you’re busy….but it would be SO great to see you all at the CCF Alumni game in Kansas City on July 7th… planning on going?????

  2. Beth — Brandon is at camp right now (which you probably read), so I’ll answer for him. Yes, we are planning on going to the game. It would be so great to see you! We are really looking forward to it.

    Keri 🙂

  3. excellent! then i will be looking forward to seeing you guys and hanging out next month! blessings as you take each new step through this transition…..all the travelling, and prayers and worry over the house…. may your days be centered on His grace and His love. 🙂


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