As We Go; as of June 12

Long time, no see. As I stated earlier, all of last week I was at a church camp with freshmen in high school. It was a great week, and I plan on telling you all about it. In fact, later today I will post the first of a series of lessons that I learned at camp.

After camp, I got to go back to Omaha and meet up with my family. It had been 2 weeks since I had seen my wife and kids, so it was nice. And my mom came in too from Indianapolis. The church we are leaving had a nice going-away dinner for us on Sunday. And they blessed us with a giftcard to Borders, my favorite bookstore.

Now I am back in Maryville and chomping at the bit. Thursday I get to go to Kansas City and watch the St. Louis Cardinals pound on the Kansas City Royals. Then one more full week of work. And then my wife and baby and I are off to Raleigh, NC for a week’s worth of vacation.

Stay tuned…I’ve missed you guys.


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