As We Go; as of July 10

I haven’t posted an update about our move in awhile.

And there is a good reason for that; things are pretty much at a standstill.

Our house in Omaha still has not sold. Would you continue to pray to this end? Just today, we lowered the listing price again…when we started this whole thing, we had 3 numbers in mind for price:

1) The “what we would be thrilled to get out of this house” price.
2) The  “what we need to break even on this house” price.
3) And the “let’s just cut this house loose” price.

Well, we have it now listed at option #3. Pray that God would, indeed, cut it loose. We can’t really do anything until that place sells.

We thought for awhile that Keri and the kids could come and live with me at the campus house until we could get our own place in Maryville. That way our family could be together. But, this place is very kid-unfriendly. Everyone spent a few days here last week, and it’s not good for the kids. So, Keri and the kiddos are back in St. Louis and I am back in Maryville.

Things at CCH are going well. We have about 30 days until the middle of August…and that is when things take off. Right now my days are filled with planning and thinking and envisioning. The most crucial days in campus ministry is the first 10 days of the fall semester. We spend most of our money on this week and it’s when you make most of your connections with the students.

Thanks for praying…


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