Rev. Tori Spelling

Take a read at this.

Apparently her first act as a minister was to marry a gay couple.

This kind of makes me think of the episode of ‘Friends’ where Joey gets his ordination online so he can marry Monica and Chandler.


3 thoughts on “Rev. Tori Spelling

  1. So I read about this and I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry or yell. It just makes it seem like anyone can be a minister and diminshes the many years of work and study that Christian ministers go through to be fully ordained. Knowing what my parents did to become pastors, publicity acts like Ms. Spelling’s are disheartening and frustrating.

  2. I heard this on the radio. How sad. But I knew it was true that anyone could be a minister. All you need to do is search it.

    Course it all comes back to the spiritual side of it. Does a piece of paper a minister make? Does a college degree a minister make?

    Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying education is bad by all means. But what does the ordaining mean?

    I will tell you a secret that I am not officially ordained. There was not a ceremony or anything. Here in Ky that is not a big issue. I know if we ever move I will have to address it.

    But the point is I was never ordained but I have mentors and elders who will vouch for my character as a minister even though I don’t have a paper that says so. Plus, in the end God says so. What else counts?

  3. There are definitely a few different schools of thought on ordination.

    I have been ordained…but I don’t have a Bible college or seminary degree. Do you need to have those things to be a minister? Or to be ordained?

    They don’t hurt…but to me, I think someone needs to follow Christ and have a calling to ministry. A teachable heart. A willing spirit. Humility.

    To be a minister is to serve…we all are ministers in that sense. And Skubalon, like you said, in many areas it doesn’t really matter.

    But…”Rev.” Spelling is frustrating…

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