Vacation, part 3

You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

After the cool ride-along with Jamie, we went to a Double-A baseball game that evening. The Carolina Mudcats.

Here is how Jamie told me to post this night:

General Admission ticket to the game: $5
4 drinks: $4 (it was Thirsty Thursday)
Carolina Mudcats baseball cap: $14
Being the bottom bum in the hamburger relay race between innings and having your 250-pound brother in law being the top bun and having him BODY SLAM you as you make the hamburger: priceless


2 thoughts on “Vacation, part 3

  1. Anyone who has not been to a minor league baseball team is REALLY missing out. Sure, the competition is not as fierce and there are no big name people (yet), but it costs a fraction of the big leagues, you get good seats, it’s more laid back, and you’re not going to be sitting on the pitcher’s mound in between innings competing in an ice cream eating contest (like I was at a Hickory Crawdads game)!

  2. I love minor league ball. I got to go to a Triple-A game last night…great crowd, decent baseball, fun family atmosphere. It’s the best baseball bang for your buck.

    And they have cool names:


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