Leadership Meeting on MSN

So, this may or may not intrigue you.

But, one of the hard parts about campus ministry is that many of your students leave for home in the summer. But, the fall quickly approaches and plans need to be made. However, your student leaders generally aren’t around to help you with those plans.

So, the other night, I tried something with our student leaders at CCH. I wanted to have a planning meeting. But, instead of asking them all to come to Maryville for a few hours, I thought we would give it a try on MSN Messenger.

We had 6 students and myself in the group chat. I facilitated it and made my expectations clear at the front. For this to work, everyone had to stay on topic and only post relevant statements. I had a list of things I wanted to cover…and we went through the list one-by-one until everything was covered. And then I opened the floor to other topics.

And, to my surprise, this worked very well. We got a lot done and it all made sense. Everyone participated, stayed on task, and shared their thoughts. If we had more people than 7, though, I feel it would not have been as effective. The numbers we had were ideal.

Technology is a great thing in ministry. And MSN, really, is old technology. But still effective if you are willing to try it. It was an easy (and kind of fun) way to communicate, share ideas, and make decisions. We wouldn’t do it all the time, but for the summer, it was great.


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