GoodSearch for CCH

Hey friends…

If you read this faithfully, you know that I am doing ministry now on the college campus, which I love. There, I said it: I love campus ministry.

Many campus ministries don’t have money lying around, and Christian Campus House (CCH) is no different. We really are missionaries…we rely on the support of churches and individuals to pay the bills and do the work God has called us to.

So, I want to ask you: would you like to help CCH?

I have a cool way you can do so. And it doesn’t involve sending a check.

If you are reading this, it means you are on the internet. And if you are on the internet, a lot of times you search for stuff. You probably log on to Google or Yahoo to search.

Well, don’t do that anymore. Log on to

When you log on to GoodSearch, you will see the box where you type whatever it is you want to search for. Underneath that, you will see another box that says “who do you GoodSearch for?” In this box, type in “Christian Campus House” and click “Verify.” You will CCH selected now.

Now…search! That’s it. Every time you do a search from GoodSearch and you have CCH selected, we earn a little bit of money. I think GoodSearch gives us between 1 cent and 1 1/2 cents per search. So search often…and help us out.


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