ESV Journaling Bible

A few months ago, I outlined my struggle of trying to decide which translation of the Bible I would primarily use in my new ministry at CCH.

After reading and praying, I decided I would begin this school year by using the English Standard Version. And I found what I was looking for in…

…the ESV Journaling Bible.

This is a hardback Bible. On each page, there is 2″ on the sides for writing notes, prayers, outlines, thoughts, sermon points, whatever. Here is a picture:

ESV Journaling Page

So far, I love it. I preached my first sermons yesterday with it. It seems to be well made. The pages are fairly thick so your ink doesn’t run through to the back side of the page. It has a little elastic cord that closes to Bible shut when you aren’t using it.

All of these things make me happy. I am pretty rough on my Bibles, since I throw them in and out of my backpack everyday. I cram them in with all my other books and papers and stuff. But, I can’t anticipate the pages getting mangled in my bag or the hardcover getting all bent up. It seems very sturdy.

I found one cheap on Amazon and this will be my Bible for the next several years. I will mark it up and wear it out and duct tape it when it’s ready. I had one NIV Study Bible that I did this with…it was all I used for several years. Then, one day, the Sermon on the Mount pages fell out. I went to get a new Bible…and hadn’t found one I could “adopt.”

Until now.


5 thoughts on “ESV Journaling Bible

  1. a couple of years ago i went through a similar search for a wide-margined bible in a translation that would work for me!
    at the time i was using the ESV, but i don’t think the journaling bible was out yet… so i went with the NASB’s NISB (new inductive study bible)….. its great as well – wide margins and study guides.
    published by harvest house.
    glad you found a bible worth writing in!!!!

  2. Mandy,

    Thanks for stopping by…I think the ESV Journaling Bible has just been around since April. It’s still pretty new and I think a relatively well-kept secret. If you like to write in your Bible, you gotta have something with wide margins.

    By the way…great blogs! Keep up the good work.

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