As We Go; as of August 14

Well, we are just “two sleeps” away from Keri and the kids joining me in Maryville. (“Sleeps” is how we calculate time in our house…meaning two nights until they come.) We have decided to live in the campus house for a season. We have been praying for God’s provision and sustaining during these days, and He has provided.

We have two students living in the campus house this fall, so we will learn how to dance as we share space. Really, there is a lot of house…so setting up boundaries will be the biggest obstacle. But I think God wants to teach us about hospitality and community in these days.

To prepare, I’ve been doing some stuff. Got the A/C fixed and have a call into a plumber. Tomorrow I will clean and move furniture and kid-proof. I’m excited to have them here. It’s been a long summer in that regard.

Our house is still not selling. Our agent is recommending some improvements/updates be made. It’s hard to know what to do…cut it loose, hold out for asking price, rent it out.

Craziness hits in a few short days…the freshmen arrive August 23rd and the full student body hits the 27th. We have a full slate of activities. Preparation is in full swing and I feel like there are 5,000 loose ends. But they always come together.

Thanks for reading…sorry my posts have lacked any substance lately.


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