I Break All the Blogging Rules; an Update

Sorry to those few faithful readers who stop by every once in awhile. I have broken all the blogging etiquette rules. I haven’t posted consistently and I haven’t posted anything of substance. For this, I am sorry.

Things have been, as you might have guessed, quite busy. The freshmen arrived at Northwest last night and we have been scrambling to get things ready for our Welcome Week. Welcome Week is our 10-day marathon of events in the hopes of connecting with all the new and returning students.

Last night Northwest had its first home football game of the season. One of the cool things CCH does is called “Dogs for Cats.” We hand out free hotdogs to all the fans on their way to the stadium for the game. The campus house is located just diagonally from the stadium, so we have lots of traffic. Last night, we gave away 150 hotdogs.

And Keri and I have season tickets for the Bearcats. Football here is huge, as Northwest won back-to-back Division II football championships in 1998 and 1999 and have back-to-back runner-up appearances the last two years. Our seats are 8 rows up on the 30-yard line.

But last night, the game was cut extremely short. 9 minutes into the 1st quarter, they postponed the game for an hour because of lightning. They brought the teams out and played another 6 minutes, and then outright canceled it because of the weather. We were disappointed.

Sunday, CCH is hosting a Welcome Back BBQ for 300 students. Monday we host an ice cream party called Sundaes on Monday. Tuesday is our first “TNT” or “Tuesday Nite Thing.” It’s our large group worship service and Bible study. Wednesday is a digital camera scavenger hunt. Thursday is sand volleyball. And Friday is Ultimate Frisbee. Like I said…busy.


One thought on “I Break All the Blogging Rules; an Update

  1. It’s okay . . . I haven’t posted anything of interest on my blog since 2005. We just finished up our “No Rush” week up at ISU. We had smaller turnouts than we had hoped for, but the people who did come connected really well with the group, so I think it went really well. I’ll be praying for you guys as you year kicks off.

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