Vacation, 20K Hits, and the Update I Owe You

I owe you an update. Things have been, well, busy.

As you well know, the school year is in full-swing. I am very excited about the Christian Campus House and what God is doing here. We had over 60 students here last night for our Tuesday Nite Thing (TNT) and that number is going up each week. I’m not one who cares much about numbers, but I feel as though it is a good indication that we are connecting with students and earning the right to be heard.

I just returned from a nice little vacation. The wife, kids, and I headed to Indianapolis, IN for a visit with my family. In fact, we had a little family reunion there. My sister and her husband came from Raleigh, NC, along with their new son. We got to visit with almost all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins–and I even got to see my grandmother and grandfather. It was a great week. We ate lots, played lots, and had a nice time. We took a great family picture with my parents, my sister and her family, and me and my family. Awesome.

So, recently I bought a new Bible. You can read about it here. Well, last week, I was listening to a guy speak at a preacher’s meeting, and he asked us to turn to Psalm 144. So, I turned to where Psalm 144 should have been. It wasn’t there. It was then that I realized that my Bible was missing an entire page. It wasn’t torn out, hadn’t fallen out…it just wasn’t there. I contacted the publisher, told them about it, and they wrote back today saying that they would replace the Bible for me. Great service…and good for Crossway Books and Good News Publishers.

Thing should settle down around here now. I hope to get back to your regularly scheduled blogging updates. By the way, we crossed the 20,000 hit milestone last week. Thanks for reading!


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