Caffeine Withdrawal

After weeks and weeks of scorching headaches, I am tired of it. I have always had headaches, but these last few months have been terrible. Throbbing headaches that come out of nowhere and lay me flat.

I need to get help. So, I am trying to determine the cause. Methinks it may be caffeine. I drink a lot of coffee. I’ve toned it down in recent months, but as of today, I am giving caffeine up for an indefinite period of time. If my headaches subside, answer found. If they don’t, we’ll take the next steps.

So, today I bought some half-caf and decaf. I’ll drink a bit of regular in the mornings for a few days, and half-caf in the afternoons. Then switch to half-caf in the mornings and decaf in the afternoons. And then just decaf all day.

We’ll see…pray for my shakes. Just kidding.


7 thoughts on “Caffeine Withdrawal

  1. Hi Brandon,

    Long time no see (my fault, actually, I’ve been buried)

    You may want to take a look at your aspartame consumption too. If you’re drinking a lot of diet drinks (mine was flavored iced tea) the source of the headaches may be there. I swore off aspartame aka: Nutra-Sweet and voila… mucho-better.

    If you want to read my story you can just search for “aspartame” over at my place – I won’t bore you with a link or anything.

    Hope you have relief – soon! Nothing’s quite so debilitating as a relentless headache.

    Phil —

  2. No, no, no, HERESY!!!!

    It’s never too MUCH caffeine, it’s always too LITTLE caffeine.

    You need to get a caffeine patch, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll hook you up to a caffeine IV line.

    Seriously, though: take headaches seriously. I would doubt that it is caffeine unless you have decreased the amount of caffeine that you’ve been consuming. Check your blood pressure. Going off caffeine will give you headaches, but I doubt that consuming it is causing it (look at Excedrin, caffeine is an ingredient in many headache remedies). Go to your doctor if your headaches persist, could be BP or migraines.

  3. I’m pretty sure BP is standing for “blood pressure” in this particular conversation. Although I do have plenty of Brain Problems.

    I’m pretty sure my problem is NOT too little caffeine. I have been getting plenty. I have had high BP in the past, but I take stuff to keep that normal. So, maybe that’s it…maybe not. We will see how this little caffeine experiment goes.

    After all, even if something else is causing the headaches, cutting out caffeine can’t be all that bad.

    Phil–thanks for the heads up on the aspertame. I don’t know that I consume much of it, but I will keep an eye out. Thanks for posting…I read your stuff all the time! Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Brandon, we went to our state fair last night and saw Steven Curtis Chapman, he was great, we had a really good time. For one of the songs he was telling a story about why he wrote it, it went something like this: He has 6 kids, 21 year old daughter, 18 and 16 yr. old sons and three young daughters they have adopted. He was giving his young daughters a bath and was trying to hurry them to bed, so he could get to work, they kept getting out of bath and putting there dress-up gowns on and wanting to dance. He finally hurried them to bed, then went to work. When he went to work he felt bad because he hurried the kids to bed and didn’t play with them, he was remembering how quickly his 21 year old daughter had grown, then he wrote this song. I was bawling and I wasn’t the only one. It is a great song, i think it hit me with just going back to work and feeling like I am going to miss something with Kaleb. I also thought of you guys with the girls, especially Jerah and how she likes to dance! Anyways, go to, click on new album and it will start playing. It is called Cinderella. I will talk to you soon! Love You!

  5. Well, I guess you’re right, cutting back on caffeine is not a bad thing, even if it is not the cause of your headaches.


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