The Weekend

We gave out about 350 pancakes on Friday night. It was cool and clear that night…and a great night for hanging out on our front yard, visiting with people, and feeding them.

Saturday we gave away 100+ hotdogs before the football game and enjoyed a pretty sweet game. Northwest won, barely. But at least they won.

Then, late Saturday night, there was a shooting on our campus. We had about 20 students in the campus house (located right across the street from campus) when we got word. Details were sketchy coming in…all we knew is that shots had been fired and campus was going into a lock-down. We had no word on injuries or fatalities or anything.

After a couple of hours, the students who were in our house that lived off-campus decided they would go home. After they left (and arrived safely) we got word that the shooters were still on the loose. After a few more hours, when news stopped coming in, we went to sleep.

I got up a few hours later and learned that the entire campus had been searched and the lock-down had been lifted and all was deem safe. The shooters got away and left campus. They have some “persons of interest” in for questioning.

I’m grateful for God’s mercy…no injuries or fatalities. The students seem to be dealing as well as can be expected. Their sense of security has been violated and their innocence robbed, however.


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