National Missionary Convention

Over the last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Cincinnati, OH with several of our students to the National Missionary Convention.

There were a few things about the conference that I loved:

First of all, at most conferences, the people you see and hear from are the mega-guys. If you aren’t leading a church of 1,000+, or if you haven’t written a book in the last year, or if you aren’t the expert in some field, then you don’t get to share. With this conference, it’s not all that uncommon to hear from somebody who has spent the last 10 years living in a grass hut in a village, trying to share the gospel with 10 people. That’s cool.

Another thing I love is seeing what God is doing all over the world. There were 650+ booths with missionaries sharing what God is doing in their neck of the woods. I got to meet the missionaries that we will be working with when we go to Haiti in May. I got to meet the missionaries that we sent $1,000+ to for the constructing of a clean water well in Central India. I met a missionary who is mobilizing college students to serve in the closed area of Northern Africa. Also cool.

Along with all of these people, I love seeing friends I have made all over the country. Got to visit with some of my favorite campus ministers, missionaries, and others serving in the trenches.

The one other thing I loved about the trip was the trip itself. 12+ hours to and from Cincinnati, trapped in the van with our students, provides for some great conversations and memories.

The conference, in and of itself, was fair…the speakers were fine and the sessions were just OK (I think I picked a few lemons). But all of these other things made the trip worth it…and I am sure we will do it again next year.


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