Off to School, Off to School

I hope I don’t look like a fool.

Tomorrow morning, I hope on a plane headed for Louisville, KY. From there, I rent a car to Cincinnati, OH. Then, Monday morning, I head off to class.

Finally, after several years of thinking and wondering, I am starting to work on my Master degree. Cincinnati Christian University is where I will do such a thing. They have intensive courses that I can take (a week long) and flexible courses (meeting 2 days, 3 times a semester) that make it possible for me to take the classes and still hold down my job. When it’s all said and done (say, in 10 years!) I should have a Master of Arts in Religion with an emphasis in Pastoral Leadership.

Plus, they give some smoking deals to folks in campus ministry.

And, my first class?

Seminar in Campus Ministry!


7 thoughts on “Off to School, Off to School

  1. Good luck man.

    Just remeber not to eat the paste. Kids hate that. Oh and don’t pick your nose. Don’t show signs of fear. Kids smell fear. They will eat you alive.

  2. Wow. Not sure what you thought about the wildly popular book Blue Like Jazz, but as I read through your website/blog I have to believe you and your readers/students would enjoy the new book: Brown Like Coffee. I found it at
    I would love for you to read it and review/critique here on your site. Thanks

  3. Brandon,

    I haven’t been by for a while, but I’m glad to see you are going to be at CCU. I started back this past fall. My first class was Spiritual Formation with Dr. Weber. I will be taking Doctrine of Grace beginning in Feb with Dr Cottrell. Maybe I’ll see you around.

    jerry @ Life Under the Blue Sky
    aka Dan Goldfinch

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