As We Go; as of January 27th

My posting here has been terrible. But, an update is due…

After 9 months on the market with nary a nibble, we finally received an offer on our house in Omaha. Not just one offer; we actually received 2 offers in the same day. Gladly, we have signed the papers and are beginning the process of inspections, service calls, and so on. We are due to close on February 22nd. Please pray this happens.

Other than that, things are going well. The ministry at the Christian Campus House is exciting. So far this school year, we have seen 4 students baptized into Christ, including 2 this past week in the campus house bathtub! While we are not the biggest group ever, we have grown from 25 to 60 since August. Even more astounding is the fact that 85% of our students are involved in a small group or Family Group. We are seeing amazing depth in our students.

Coming up in March we are traveling to New Orleans for our annual Spring Break Mission Trip. We will be working with Operation Nehemiah in the continuing hurricane relief work. God is putting a pretty amazing team together for this trip.

All in all…things are going well. January has been a good month: ring in 2008, celebrate 8 wonderful years with my bride, and have my 30th birthday. February promises to be great too…because it’s Facial Hair February! (A kick-back to my college days.) And wait until you see what comes with Mustache March!

Have a good Sunday.


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