I Got Crabs

That’s right. Yesterday the family and I went down to St. Joseph to run some errands. I had the day off and a little bit of extra birthday/Christmas money in my pocket.

And I came home with three hermit crabs. We got them all set up last night and it looks like so far, they are doing fine. They are sitting on a bookshelf next to my desk in my office. It should be a fun distraction and the kids already love helping me with them.

I asked my girls if they had any names for the crabs.

Eden suggested “Hey Crab.” If you haven’t seen Finding Nemo yet, you should. Here is the scene that inspired the name of the first crab.

Jerah suggested “Crabbitz.” That, of course, led us to naming the crab Lenny. You know, Lenny Crabbitz.

Crab no. 3 didn’t have a name yet until this morning. But, I finally decided on one. You ready?


(Pronounced “Stud.” Geez. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Have a good weekend.


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