The Caedmon’s Show

Several of you have asked how the Caedmon’s Call concert was. All in all…it was pretty good.

Derek Webb opened with some of his solo stuff. The guy can just flat out write a song and play the guitar. It was a treat listening to him. I am sure he very much shocked the middle-aged, well-to-do white couple sitting next to us with some of his lyrics. He played for about 45 minutes…stepped off stage for about two…and then the whole band came out and started their set.

Caedmon’s played about 2 hours in all. They have so much material and they played a great mix of old and new. They were tight and sounded good.

A couple of highlights:

This was the third time I had seen Caedmon’s, but the first time that Andy Osnega had been a part of the band. My only exposure to Andy were the few songs that he sang lead on in the few Caedmon’s albums he had played on, and I wasn’t really sure what he added to the band.

However, seeing him live was a different story. He sang well and the guy wails on the guitar. He added a ton to the band. At one point he had the stage to himself and played 3 of his tunes from his solo albums, and they were great. It was a treat seeing him. I’m a believer.

Caedmon’s has been together for 15 years…and it has been at least 6 since I last saw them. One thing that really bummed me out about this show was the crowd. They seemed so bored and calm. No standing. No whistling. No “woo”-ing. They felt…flat. Maybe it’s just that we are all getting older. Or perhaps it was because the show was at a church and a bunch of the old folks from the church were there. Ah well.

Before the night started, Keri and I were standing in the foyer of the church, chatting and waiting for the doors to open. This guy walks past us with this cute little baby. I thought he looked familiar and Keri was enamored with the baby. He smiled and nodded and after he walked by I realized who it was. It was Cliff Young, the lead singer of Caedmon’s! And I didn’t even know it until he was past!


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