Blog Rant

I have been thinking about this all day. Can’t keep it in any longer. Here are some things I hate about the blogs of some folks, specifically the blogs of ministers and church planters.

  •  Every Sunday, on their blog, promises to be the best Sunday ever at XYZ Church. At first I was like, “Cool. They have some neat things going on.” Then, after the 100th time the minister promised the biggest and best Sunday was coming up at XYZ, I just ignored him. Be honest. Sometimes you have sucky Sundays too.
  • Reflection/Ramble posts. You know, the ones where they pick a topic and then vomit their thoughts about that topic into a blog post. It goes like this:
    • Had church today.
    • It was the best service we have ever had. Even better than last week.
    • The chairs in the gym were crooked. And the video projector hiccuped once during the service. Seriously, how can we worship when the projector is hiccuping?
    • I love the band that plays at our church. I know…I said that last week too, but I just love those guys. They are off the hook.
  • Phrases that are used over and over again in every blog post. Like “off the hook.” What does that even mean?
  • Name dropping. Good blog etiquette would have a blogger to link to other blogs when you are referencing them or talking about them. For example, if I want to say something nice about my wife, I would link. But, it drives me crazy to read a blog post that has a list of all the people that person saw one day and they are all linked. Almost every other word is blue. Church planters are the worst. When they go to one of their cool conferences (with cool buzzword names, like “Catalyst” and “Elevation” and so on) they talk about all the people they meet or heard speak and their blog posts look bluer than the sky. I love church planters, but c’mon.
  • Long lists of bullet points on a blog. Yuk.
  • End rant.

7 thoughts on “Blog Rant

  1. I wasn’t sure if you were being serious or facetious, but I’m leaning towards the serious side for most of this entry. Either way, I agree with you and it’s a reason I stopped reading some blogs by church planters and pastors of these monster churches. It was all about how great the service was and the size of the congregation and how many lives were supposedly saved. It’s great that people are coming to church and getting saved, but I’d appreciate it if many of these people would try and talk with a sense of reality. The last thing Christians need, especially new Christians, is to be led to believe in this false sense of constant positivity and cheerfulness. We’ll have our bad moments and church weekends that didn’t necessarily go well. Don’t gloss over it and give us a BS happy-go-lucky story. Give us honesty. That’s all I ask.

    I could say more but I’ll stop…

  2. Aaron…thanks for stopping by, man. Most of this entry is serious, albeit tongue-in-cheek. These things are just some of the things that kind of annoy me. They aren’t wrong, they just rub me funny.

    I am with you, though. I appreciate honesty and reality from bloggers. I like hearing when things are not all good. I like hearing when things suck or when Sundays suck or when the music at the church sucks. Because sometimes it does. And it validates me and the rest of us to know we aren’t the only ones who suck.

  3. Kind of odd reading such an entry from a person who seems to be happy most of the time. Did a wire fry?

    No I can feel for you on it. The problem is they have to keep the drive going and any kind of negative will kill the church b/c once the heroin high is gone then the people will leave. So have to keep them happy! We are having a great time and going strong.

  4. Hey man!

    Right on with this post.

    I just knocked 34 blogs off of my blogroll and I still know everything that’s going on? “How?” you ask… because everybody’s saying the same thing!

    Now, let’s go fix that wire. 😉

    Hey, congrats on the house!

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