iWanna iPhone

I think I want an iPhone.

But, that’s a lot of moolah to drop on a phone. I would like to hear from those of you out there who do have one. Is it worth it? Does it work well? Would you recommend one?

In all honesty, I probably won’t buy one. I would take one if someone gave it to me, though. 😉 Still, I am exploring the option and would love to hear your thoughts.


5 thoughts on “iWanna iPhone

  1. I’m pretty torn about it. I think it’s a really great device and I’ve played with them at the Apple store a few times. Having web and email on the go would be nice, but I’m not on the go very much. Also, I have a 60GB iPod, so getting a 16GB iPhone would be a step down in terms of how much music and video I can carry. In any case, don’t buy one before June, which is when Apple is expected to announce the new version of the iPhone. I’m going to make a decision after I see the features and pricing of the new version.

  2. My old phone died in March and so since I wasn’t “eligible for an upgrade” and the cost to get the same phone I had was just a little less than a 16GB iphone – I bit. I am glad I did. I think it is awesome. It is really nice only having to carry one device for music and phone, plus as a Mac user uh – well nothing special here, I just like the iphone. I will say it does work better than previous phones I have had in regard to email, etc. And of course, just like the pc vs mac comparison – its extremely user friendly and easy to use. My .02

  3. Danny,

    Thanks for the heads up about the new release. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. And it should drive down the prices of the older versions…which, if sufficient, wouldn’t be all that bad of a thing.


    I am glad to hear you feel like the phone function on your iPhone actually works well as a phone! I had read some reviews that didn’t speak too highly of the phone capabilities.

  4. Hey Brandon,

    I just got mine a few weeks ago. I got the 8GB since I had only been using a 4GB iPod mini and didn’t really need the excess room. I absolutely love it.

    But think about this:

    I had a PDA, iPod, and cell, but did not use the documents feature of the PDA, only the calendar and notes. If you are looking for something that has the ability to write and edit documents while out, the iPhone isn’t the thing for you unless they make that ability in any future models.

    Also…the iPhone still runs off the th Egde network for now for their internet feature. This is the network that gives you the buzz in speakers when your phone rings, it checks for email, texts come in, or you switch towers. The buzz is less or non existent in newer vehicles or better sound systems. But they are planning on coming out with the iPhone on the 3G network someone in the near future. So if that is something that will bug you enough, then wait a little while for it.

    That’s about all the input I’ve got. Definitely get one if those issues aren’t things you care about, or wait until the 3G one at least. It is the most amazing piece of technological equipment I have ever owned. LOVE IT.

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