An Update on Nights 1 and 2

I am still at camp. And there is wi-fi here. How crazy is that?

Anyway, a quick update on how the first two messages went.

Night #1 went very well. The group of students here are amazing and have been great to speak to. They listen and respond well. During the first message, we gave each of the students a large paving stone to write on throughout the week. We talked about the passage in Joshua 4 where the Israelites collected stones as a memorial of the journey God was taking them on. The students will write on their stones throughout the week and create a sort of “memorial.” It’s cool.

We introduced a lamb to the students this night as well…I used her to illustrate my points regarding the Passover lamb.

Night #2 was even better. We had the students build an altar with their stones. Then we placed our lamb on the altar. The students came up to her and placed their hands in plates of ketchup and then placed their hands on the lamb…confessing their sins and seeing them “transferred” to the lamb. It was AMAZING and very powerful.

Night #3 was also cool. The staff of the camp washed the feet of the campers and we shared in a meaningful time of communion.

Tonight is Night #4. I do not feel as confident with the message as I would like. I think, though, that it will leave the door open for me tomorrow to really share what I would like to share on the last night.


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