Memorizing James

At the end of the Spring semester last year, I felt as though God was leading me to spend the slower months of the summer memorizing a significant chunk of Scripture. I decided to work on committing the book of James to memory. I invited 15 students that meet in my house every Sunday night for House Church to join me. They also dedicated themselves to memorizing the book over the summer. I was stoked.

This has been a fairly new undertaking for me. I have memorized short passages before, but never an entire book. I thought doing it in three months would be entirely feasible. However, 5 weeks of this summer have been spent on mission trips, at camps, and on vacation. While important, those are not necessarily conducive for memorization discipline. Bottom line: I am not where I want to be.

Yesterday, I stumbled across this blog post by a guy who has committed himself to memorizing the book of Ephesians. He has some great insights into how he plans on accomplishing his goal in 26 weeks. (Also encouraging is that he has been memorizing the English Standard Version. The ESV is what I have been memorizing as well.)

Reading his blog has inspired me to change my goal just a bit. I am still going to be memorizing James. However, I am giving myself some more time. I plan on teaching through the book of James during this upcoming Fall semester. And I am going to invite the 15 students who joined me for the summer to keep at it. I am also going to invite our other 100 students or so to join us. And we will spend the semester memorizing together. Each night I will teach a passage from James…and we will memorize that passage that week. I will even ask a student to recite the passage during the service. I’m excited about this new plan.


2 thoughts on “Memorizing James

  1. Great undertaking!! I am always in awe of the kids in our church who do Bible quizzing–I think I need to put all the verses to song and then I can remember them! I’m attempting to memorize more…thanks for encouraging…

  2. Hey Brandon…funny you are doing this because I am on a quest to memorize James as well. It has been my favorite for a very long time. My goal is to do it before I get married in April. I’m also doing the ESV. Probably because I got the journaling bible after I saw yours at the class and had to get it. If you are at the Student Conference, I will probably see you there sometime.

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