Unemcumbered by Time

I am participating this week in RagamuffinSoul.com’s Creative Chaos. Basically, a bunch of folks are just sharing their creative ideas with each other. Click here to gander at the creative goodness.

And here is my contribution:

I have, on more than one occasion, asked groups to let go of time. I work with college students, and they may be the worst…but I think so many people are slaves to their watches, their schedules, and their agendas.

And there are times when I think we need to come out from under that yoke of slavery. And so, there are times when I will ask our students to relinquish their time pieces. I have them check their watches, cell phones, and any other time-telling devices at the door. We put them into baggies with their names on them so they can easily retrieve them after the night is over. Also, we take down all of our clocks in the building.

The point is simple…for just a short while, the students are not having to look forward to the next thing. They can enjoy God and enjoy each other without worrying surrendering to the tyranny of the urgent.


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