Share (20) & Prayer (4:3-4) Update

We are a little bit over a week into our Share (20) & Prayer (4:3-4) project…and already, I am amazed at what God is doing.

We have raised over $600 in a few short days. But that isn’t what amazes me.

What amazes me are:

  • Our alumni. They benefited from this ministry years ago and now feel led to invest their resources and prayers back into this ministry so that others can have those same benefits.
  • Our current students. They know the value of the ministry. And they know we have needs. We emphasize community big-time here. And they know that, in our community, everyone needs everyone else.
  • Technology. I haven’t even sent out a single piece of paper, envelope, and stamp mail. This is all happening via this blog, Facebook, and my personal email list.

We are asking anyone and everyone who will listen to join us in Share (20) & Prayer (4:3-4). So, if you feel so led to join in, you may do so in any number of ways:

Share your $20 (or more…or less!) by clicking here and then clicking the “ChipIn!” box on the right or by mailing a check made out to CCH with “Share & Prayer” in the memo line to:

PO Box 352
Maryville, MO 64468

And then pray! We are asking people to pray for CCH like Paul asked the Colossian church to pray for him in Colossians 4:3-4: that God would open up doors on campus for the mystery of Christ to be proclaimed clearly!


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