Pardon My Silence

The last post I made was before we left for the National Student Conference at the beginning of this month. That was a long time ago. But, I am in campus ministry and, as you might guess, August is our busiest month.

The conference was pretty great. I sent a fair number of Tweets during the week and you can read them here.

Now, it’s full steam ahead into the school year. Most of the students will arrive this weekend. We have a BBQ for our returning students on Saturday. And we have another BBQ on Sunday for all of the students, old and new. We have “Sundaes on Monday” with a massive amount of ice cream. Tuesday is our first TNT (Tuesday Nite Thing) of the year. We will spend this fall semester studying and memorizing the book of James. Wednesday we play sand volleyball on campus. And Thursday is “Games on the Grass.” We will be renting some inflatable games and setting them up in the middle of campus…just for fun.

In the midst of all of this, my oldest daughter starts Kindergarten on Wednesday. Oh yeah, and my online graduate class begins this week too.

And…I am in the process of launching this business.


5 thoughts on “Pardon My Silence

  1. You should start your own biz…no, wait…you aren’t anywhere near us are you? 😉 If so, don’t start your own business. But if you are further away, by all means.

    In all seriousness, we are hoping maybe this little venture, someday down the road, will help us fund more ministry. That’s the idea at least.

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